I am a researcher and a practicing psychologist, who has made it my mission to assist people to accept and negotiate their sexual freedom. My deep interest lies in understanding how people structure their romantic and sexual relationships. I am neither for or against monogamy or non-monogamy, homo- or heterosexuality, vanilla or kink or anything else you chose to be your sexual and relationship preference. My goal is to help individuals to build healthy and sustainable relationships that have room for their sexual needs. What if there is a way to live the sexual life that you desire?

My current research is about people’s motivation to engage in sex. Among 1238 individuals that answered my questions, there were monogamous respondents, but also those who are not monogamous – cheating partners, swingers, polyamourous and those living in open relationships. If you are interested in findings of the research before it is published, please follow me on Facebook, where I post my findings in pieces.